CarPath campervans

Twin sisters Victoria and Carpathia cannot wait to hit the road, and you could be driving one of them.
They will make your adventure possible, through an excellent mix of reliability, comfort, and efficiency.  You can travel in them, cook in them, rest in their big beds, and collect memories.


The outside of the campervans

With a Fiat 2.5l engine, CarPath campervans have everything that you may need on a holiday, without the concerns that an ordinary caravan might bring.

  • Totalweight under 3500kg
  • Glass-fibreroof for extra protection
  • Glass-fibre floor for protection and alighter chassis
  • Big side door
  • Electric stairs for easy access
  • 140 l water tank
  • Extra space for luggage
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The inside of the campervans

The inside of the CarPath campervan is ridiculously spacious and efficient to a tee – from two very comfortable beds to the stove of the equipped kitchen and the spacious shower.

  • Height of 205 cm, length 7.5m, width 2.5m
  • Thermo insulated double floor
  • Two double beds with ’five zone memory foam’ mattresses
  • No steps from the steering wheel to the bed
  • Extra luggage space inside the floor
  • 3-hob stove and a large refrigerator
  • LED lighting throughout the campervan
  • Digital heating system
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I want to book a campervan

Based on our experience, we suggest planning your holiday ahead of time and booking the campervan when you decide where to spend your holiday.
During peak season or worldwide holidays (e.g. May 1st), it is almost impossible to find a campervan available across Europe.
You will ask us: ’How much should I expect to pay for the CarPath campervan per day?’.We will annoyingly reply: ’It depends’.The rates are EUR 89/129/179  EUR/ night, depending on the time of the year.
Other maintenance costs can be added to the basic rate, as the case may be. For an accurate quote, please contact us and we will promptly reply.

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