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?What is a campervan?

The campervan is a vehicle serving both as a transport means and as a living space. It is practically a house on wheels, built on a vehicle chassis. Depending on the model, the campervans are equipped with 2-7 seats, 4 sleeping spots, a kitchen (equipped with a stove, a refrigerator, a sink, and a counter), a bathroom (a shower cabin with hot/cold water, a toilet, and a sink), large storage spaces, hot water, and heating.
Clean water tank = 140 l
Eco-friendly toilet box = 20 l
Gas cylinders = 2.
CarPath campervans are especially equipped for winter conditions, with gas / high-capacity Diesel fuel heating, electric floor heating, antifreeze protection of installations, enabling their use for comfortable conditions between -40°C and 50°C.
The campervans are fully operational both in camping mode (connected to utility sources in the camping), as well as in off/wild-camping mode (on the beach or on top of a mountain, without electricity or water/gas). The campervans are designed for travel circuits, for the exploration of several destinations in a short time. Our campervans travel 500-21000 km / rental, with a usual rental period of 3 days to 2 months.

? Can I drive the CarPath campervan with a B category driving licence?


?Avem posibilitati de campare in Romania?

Yes. There are currently 57 authorised campsites in Romania. You can find a full list here, thanks to professionals in the field (Mr. Dan Casandroiu – we thank him!).
You can also try ‘wild camping’ out outdoors, by observing the following common sense rules:
– the land on which you camp is not private property;
– the land does not prohibit camping (for example, some natural reserves);
– you don’t discharge waste water or the toilet box into nature;
– you leave your camping spot in the same manner as you found it;
– you take precautions against wild animals in the area (bears are frequently attracted by the food waste left outside during the night);
– the land is not soft or sandy (you will sink into it with your caravan or campervan).
Even if urban legends speak of the lack of western-standard camping spaces or roads, Romania is a high-class campervan (more recently, caravan) tourism destination. The main reason is its seemingly untouched nature (unlike the rest of Europe), the charm of Romanian villages and traditions, the incredible fauna in the Romanian mountains, the Danube Delta, Transylvania, and tens of other attractions. Campervan tours through Romania, organised by the large European travel companies, are sold out 2 years in advance. Additionally, the campervan theft risk in Romania is much lower compared to other European regions (Southern France, Sicily, etc.).

?What fuel consumption should I expect?

In general, a campervan consumes 9-13 l of Diesel fuel / 100 km, depending on its load and on the driving style.

?What is the travelling speed?

In the case of campervans, the travelling speed is approximately 30% lower than that of the passenger cars. From a legal perspective, there are no special limits for campervans; they should observe the same restrictions as passenger cars. On motorways, we recommend a travelling speed of 100-110 km/h. On national roads, the recommended speed is 80 km/h. Drivers should be especially careful on bending roads, because rocking can be experienced due to the weight and height of the campervan. These roads should generally be approached with a speed 10 km/h lower than the speed limit for the specific road.

?A fault was registered. What can I do?

The following faults can seldom occur in the case of campervans:
– Vehicle faults
– Inner system / living space faults
Dealing with vehicle faults:
The campervans are new models, of 2019; there are low chances for them to become faulty. However, in case of any faults registered, please contact us immediately and describe the issue. If the campervan cannot be moved, please call Fiat Camper Assistance (at 00800 34281111* or alternatively at 0039 024441 2160). The interventions (towage, repair under European warranty) are free of charge.
Dealing with inner system / living space faults:
Please read the user guide. At the same time, please send us a short message via Whatsapp; we will reply promptly, irrespective of the time you send it.In over 95% of the cases, we can identify and solve the issue together, in less than 2 minutes.

?What if I have additional questions?

You can always contact us at; one of our operators will address your questions.

I want to book a campervan

Based on our experience, we suggest planning your holiday ahead of time and booking the campervan when you decide where to spend your holiday.
During peak season or worldwide holidays (e.g. May 1st), it is almost impossible to find a campervan available across Europe.
You will ask us: ’How much should I expect to pay for the CarPath campervan per day?’.We will annoyingly reply: ’It depends’.The rates are EUR 89/129/179  EUR/ night, depending on the time of the year.
Other maintenance costs can be added to the basic rate, as the case may be. For an accurate quote, please contact us and we will promptly reply.

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